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Giants’ Ahmad Bradshaw Is Currently in the Can for a Juvenile Offense
by November 30, 1999 @ 12:00 am (Category : Uncategorized )

Jun 22nd 2008 10:58AM by Ryan Wilson
Giants second-year running back Ahmad Bradshaw is currently in the clink serving a 30-day sentence for, as the reports, “violating terms of a probation stemming from an undisclosed juvenile offense - a violation that, several sources say, took place prior to his being drafted last year.”

Bradshaw was New York’s seventh-round pick in the 2007 draft, and one of the reasons he went so late in the proceedings was due to the dreaded “off-field issues” (translation, in this case: he stole a PlayStation 2). After Brandon Jacobs and Derrick Ward went down with injuries, Bradshaw had a surprisingly productive rookie season and steered clear of trouble.

His arrest sorta throws a monkey wrench in the progress he’d made, but his supporters contend he hasn’t done anything wrong since coming to New York: …[Bradshaw] is only serving jail time because of a prior offense - which is reportedly sealed because it occurred when Bradshaw was a juvenile. The Giants argued as much in a statement on Thursday. Of course, the NFL is looking into the matter to determine if Bradshaw has violated the league’s personal conduct policy.

On draft weekend, I used Bradshaw as an example for thought-to-be-first-rounder-eventually-taken-in-the-third Mario Manningham whose bizarre behavior between the end of the college season and the draft, along with a glacial 40-time, had everything to do with his slipping draft stock. I noted that Manningham could expect the same meet-and-greet with head coach Tom Coughlin that Bradshaw received about staying out of trouble, and hopefully it would result in the same outcome.

Here’s to hoping Manningham doesn’t have any pending juvenile charges.

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