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Plaxico Burress’s Home Doubled as an Armory
by November 30, 1999 @ 12:00 am (Category : Uncategorized )

Dec 24th 2008 9:35AM by Josh Alper (author feed)
Filed under: Giants, NFC East, NFL Police BlotterOh, the weather outside is frightful, but inside it’s even frightful-er. That’s the Christmas carol for the Plaxico Burress household this holiday season. Police and investigators from the Manhattan District Attorneys office searched the suspended Giants receiver’s abode on Tuesday and found that shooting himself didn’t lead him to end his relationship with firearms.

Police seized a loaded .9mm. handgun, a rifle and ammunition to go along with the Glock that fired the bullet that likely ended Burress’ career with the defending Super Bowl champs. They also took the sweatpants that Burress wore to the Latin Quarter nightclub on the fateful evening.

Making things even better for Burress is ’s report that police found no permits for either gun. That makes it a hat trick, the Glock was also permit-less, and means that the big bowl of water keeps heating up for Burress.

There’s very little chance Burress will ever play for the Giants again. As more stuff piles up against him in this criminal matter, it’s becoming reasonable to wonder when he’ll be playing for anyone else again. If he does jail time, then serves a league-mandated suspension it could be a very long time before he’s even eligible to play in a football game. Someone will give him a shot, talent assures you of that, but it may be quite a while before Plax wears a uniform that isn’t issued by a warden.

Tom Coughlin Might Be Reversing His Stance on Playing Time During Week 17
by @ 12:00 am (Category : Uncategorized )

Dec 24th 2008 2:00AM by Will Brinson (author feed)
Filed under: Bears, Giants, Patriots, Vikings, Pressing Issues, NFL Coaching, NFL Real TalkIt’s entirely arguable that the way the New York Giants played in Week 17 against the Patriots, despite losing, propelled them into the postseason and eventually to a Super Bowl win.

Of course, you could also argue that such a discussion is pointless. Whatever. My main point is that Tom Coughlin typically — as he wrote in a book — does not believe in resting players in the final week of the season if there’s nothing at stake.
“It is a difficult decision,” Coughlin wrote after noting that many NFL coaches bench their stars in similar situations. “It becomes clear that the media and fans care more about a playoff game and therefore don’t want our first-teamers to play. But I feel differently.”
Naturally, then, you would expect to see every single Giant — including Justin Tuck and Brandon Jacobs, both recently banged up — playing full games against the Vikings this Sunday. Or perhaps not; it appears, judging by the somewhat hemming nature of a recent statement to the media, that Coughlin might have changed his tune.
“My answer to all of your questions will be that in conjunction with the medical people and with the idea of improving our game, having individuals perform at a higher level than we did in the last game, which is always our theme, we will do the best thing for our football team,” Coughlin said.
“What’s best for the Giants” and “Play every game like it’s win or go home” are two different statements. And while Coughlin isn’t the type of guy to go back on his word, I don’t think, he would be doing exactly that if the Giants don’t pull out all the stops to beat the Vikings on Sunday.Continue Reading

Plaxico Burress Being Sued for Injuring Florida Woman With His Car
by @ 12:00 am (Category : Uncategorized )

Dec 22nd 2008 1:15PM by Matt Snyder (author feed)
Filed under: Giants, NFC East, NFL Police BlotterPlaxico Burress is going to have quite a grasp on the inner workings of the legal system after these next few years. Not only is he facing a term behind bars for the whole “Harris Smith” debacle, now he’s being sued for allegedly injuring a woman in a car accident back in May. Alise Smith, 27, says the New York Giants wide receiver rear-ended her on Florida’s Turnpike in Tamarac. Smith’s lawsuit filed in Broward Circuit Court seeks more than $15,000 for medical bills, lost wages and damage to her car.

“Ms. Smith, who wearing a seatbelt, was rear-ended by Mr. Burress, who failed to maintain a safe braking distance, maintain a proper lookout or to exercise reasonable care,” said Gregory Dell, Smith’s attorney. “All of this was the cause of this accident and Ms. Smith’s resulting injuries.”This is nothing compared to his New York trouble, actually. It sounds like he was simply an irresponsible driver, which puts him in the company of about, oh, 65 percent* of the licensed drivers in America. Furthermore, the 15 grand is small potatoes to Plax. I’m guessing if this is all she really wants that she has a legitimate complaint and he’ll simply pay her off quite soon to get it out of the way.

Jon Beason Takes Exception to the Giants’ Ability to Run the Ball, Questions Their Talent
by @ 12:00 am (Category : Uncategorized )

Dec 22nd 2008 8:15PM by Will Brinson (author feed)
Filed under: Giants, Panthers, NFL Media Watch, NFL RumorsThe Carolina Panthers tossed up 300+ yards on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers recently, just on the ground. And then last night, the Giants did the same thing to Carolina on national television. Needless to say, the Panthers defense isn’t thrilled about being embarrassed, but they took the yards in stride.

For the most part anyway; Jon Beason seems to think that New York’s performance is more the Cats fault than the Giants’ success.
After blaming sloppy play and poor communication on the Panthers’ inability to stop the Giants’ running game, Beason was asked if the talents of Ward and backfield mate Brandon Jacobs might have had something to do with it.

“I hate you asked that question,” Beason said. “The politically correct thing to say is they’re a great combination of running backs — really good backs. And they are. But based on the film, of the 300 yards, let’s say, uh, 250 were on us. That’s how I’ll answer that question.”
So, um, yeah. What I think Beason is saying here is that “If we’d tackled properly, Derrick Ward doesn’t look that good.” And also, “Nice 50 yards Jacobs.” Although I could be reaching on that last one. Still, the point being is that Beason definitely wasn’t trying to be complimentary of the Giants running game. And you better believe this won’t be the last you hear of this either. Paging, Dr. Ward.

Plaxico Burress’ Future Could Be in New York If Giants Continue to Struggle
by @ 12:00 am (Category : Uncategorized )

Dec 21st 2008 12:30PM by Ryan Wilson (author feed)
Filed under: Giants, NFC East, NFL RumorsA few weeks ago, when the Giants were 11-1 and cruising through the last third of their schedule, most of us (me included) thought they’d have no trouble getting along without Plaxico Burress. Even though the team suspended Eli Manning’s favorite target for the rest of the year, and general manager Jerry Reese never explicitly ruled out Burress’ return, conventional wisdom had Burress playing elsewhere in 2009.

Shockingly, conventional wisdom isn’t always right. Particularly after the Giants dropped two in a row. And now, not only are they playing for homefield advantage, but if they lose to the Panthers tonight, next week’s game against the Vikings could decide who gets a first-round bye.

In any event, NFL.com’s Adam Schefter thinks Burress could be staying put. But now, if Burress can avoid being incarcerated - and that’s a mighty big if - the Giants might consider recycling. …

Coaches around the league agree that New York’s offense just is not the same without Burress. Without him, teams can stick more defenders in the box, shut down New York’s running game and worry less about the Giants’ passing game.

Plus, the franchise always has shown an inclination to work with troubled but talented players, from Hall of Fame linebacker Lawrence Taylor to Super Bowl hero David Tyree. Continue Reading

Keyshawn Johnson Says He Doesn’t ‘Trust Jake Delhomme’
by @ 12:00 am (Category : Uncategorized )

Dec 21st 2008 1:30PM by Will Brinson (author feed)
Filed under: Giants, Panthers, NFL Coaching, NFL Media Watch, NFL Real TalkKeyshawn Johnson says a lot of things that are relatively unimportant. But as far as ESPN Sunday morning analysts go, he’s not that bad. Still, it’s probably a bit aggressive to dog Jake Delhomme the way he did this morning, considering that he was on the Panthers for all of, oh, one year.
I don’t trust Jake [Delhomme]. I’ve played with him. He’s a good guy and everything, but in this situation he’ll try to do too much if they put the ball in his hands, try to throw hand grenades like in Green Bay.
Well, obviously Key missed that whole “Smash and Dash” thing — you know, where the Panthers run the ball about 40 times to wear the defense down and let Jake do his thing on third down if he has to, while picking spots to hit Steve Smith downfield.

Additionally, it’s not like Jake hasn’t taken a Panthers team to the Super Bowl or performed at an All-Pro level — he has. And to further the point, if the Panthers put the ball in Jake’s hand tonight, well, that’s just plain stupidity on the coaching staff’s part; the plan, as far as anyone should be concerned, is nothing more than a heavy dose of DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart.

Who Will NBC Pick For Their Sunday Night Game in Week 17?
by @ 12:00 am (Category : Uncategorized )

Dec 21st 2008 2:55PM by Sportz Assassin (author feed)
Filed under: Bills, Broncos, Buccaneers, Chargers, Colts, Cowboys, Dolphins, Eagles, Jets, Giants, Panthers, Patriots, Ravens, Titans, Vikings, NFL Media WatchLast year, the NFL started this flex scheduling thing, which allows them to alter the schedule late in the season so that the more meaningful games are broadcast on national television.

While there are rules that the NFL follows for selecting these games, they do Week 17 a bit differently. No games are off limits for the switch to NBC, aside from picking teams that have reached televised limits. They also only have to give six days advance warning about the change, instead of the normal 12 days.

That means the NFL will place the game with the most riding on it as their season finale on NBC.

So which games look like they could be a possibility?Continue Reading

FanHouse Preview: Giants v. Panthers
by @ 12:00 am (Category : Uncategorized )

Dec 21st 2008 4:30PM by Will Brinson (author feed)
Filed under: Giants, Panthers, NFL Playoffs, NFL Eliminated Teams, FanHouse PreviewsAs Ryan has already pointed out, this game, despite the “Homefield Throughout” nature in which it will be played, isn’t the most “important” of the season, since both teams are all but playoff locked (if the Panthers lose out and the Bucs, Falcons and Cowboys win out … well, then I’m a jackass).

But there’s still puh-lenty at stake here. Namely: home-field advantage throughout the playoffs and the likelihood of being favored to rep the NFC in the Super Bowl. The last one of course, is really just a semantical bonus for those that like to gamble.

Make no mistake though — HFA is a huge deal to both of these teams, considering that they’re a combined 14-1 this season at home. So, yeah, it’s kind of important.

And as such, this should be a great game, even if it’s kind of odd to see the seasonal arc that each team is taking. The Giants were, just a few weeks ago, already being penciled in to rep the NFC in Tampa. However, in just the course of two losses to the Eagles and the Cowboys, people have started to wonder how they can perform when they’re not a full strength.

But, as Giants early season roll has slowed, the Panthers have only picked up the pace, moving from a tough team that looked like a contender to a powerhouse that rumbled over Tampa Bay for 300+ rushing yards in a Monday night blowout. Of course, there’s the whole matter of DeAngelo Williams being secretly hurt — yeah, it’s weird. It also seems unlikely; he was, after all, tutored by Vinny Testaverde and that goes a long way towards maintaining health. But still, a shoddy performance or an early exit from “Dash” would make this a pretty big deal going forward.Continue Reading

Sunday Night Football Chat: Panthers at Giants
by @ 12:00 am (Category : Uncategorized )

Dec 21st 2008 7:00PM by Bruce Ciskie (author feed)
Filed under: Giants, Panthers, NFC East, NFC South, NFL Fans, NFL Live Blogging

With two weeks left in the season, home-field in the NFC playoffs will be decided Sunday night.

The Carolina Panthers (11-3) play the New York Giants (11-3) under the lights at Giants Stadium. The winner will secure the top seed and all the pressure that goes with it.

The loser is still a playoff team, and in the case of the Giants, still a division champion.

We should be safe in assuming that there will be a lot of talk about this being an “NFC Championship preview”. This, of course, likely guarantees that it isn’t.

The cast of FanHouse thousands will be with you at 8:15pm, Eastern time. Join us!Continue Reading

Predicting The Playoffs: So Many Playoff Scenarios, So Little Time
by @ 12:00 am (Category : Uncategorized )

Dec 22nd 2008 7:34AM by JJ Cooper (author feed)
Filed under: Bears, Broncos, Buccaneers, Chargers, Colts, Cowboys, Dolphins, Eagles, Falcons, Jets, Giants, Panthers, Patriots, Ravens, Steelers, Titans, Vikings, NFL Playoffs

This was the week when seemingly everyone decided they didn’t want to go to the playoffs. For three weeks, the injury-ravaged Broncos could have earned a playoff spot by simply winning one game. But here we are with a week to play and the Broncos still need one win.

In the NFC wild card race, Dallas came into the weekend controlling its own destiny, but they lost. That then put the ball in the Falcons and Bucs’ court. Atlanta did come through with a win to clinch a playoff spot, but the Bucs also punted their chance with a loss to the Chargers. That meant that the Eagles could put themselves in the driver’s seat with a win over the Redskins (the same team that just lost to the Bengals). Of course Philadelphia lost that game, which means that Dallas is right back where they began the weekend–win next weekend and the Cowboys are in the playoffs.Continue Reading

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